We ensure smooth end-to-end supply chain to our customers and always find the best solution to suit our customers’ needs


ST Aviation component is truly Nose-to-Tail solutions, covering everything from Consumables to Rotables, Landing Gear to Engines, and all available immediately from our expert AOG team our partner

Parts exchange

Through our Exchange there is no need for airlines to maintain high cost components in their inventories. All the exchange units are provided with full certification, traceability and warranty. The exchange units are

Repairs and overhaul

ST Aviation take the stress out of Repair and let us oversee every aspect of the cycle. We can ensure the best quality work, offer the most competitive and flexible finance options and delivery on time – every time. When you use us for Repair Management..


In Order to keep your asset/SNs or due to some reasons. We offer high-quality Parts and including LG, APUs, Engines Parts with practical lease and support conditions to ensure minimum disruption and downtime for your aircraft – often with minimal return requirements.

Customer support

ST Aviation we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our customer service to individual requirements ensuring their continued satisfaction and capturing their repeat business.


ST Aviation ApS operates in a secure and climate controlled facility in Copenhagen. We operate under the ASA-100 /FAA 00-56B Accredited is quality system..

We are a Copenhagen based global company serving our customers worldwide