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ST Aviation are delighted to support our customer for the following component repair and supply chain services for Boeing 737/757/767/787, Airbus A320-Family/A330/A340 and Bombardier Q400 and ATR aircrafts. Our focus services for full type of components Part: Avionics, Hydraulics, Mechanic, Aero-structure Nacelles, Engines part:
ü Repair and overhaul ü Advanced exchange or flat rate exchange program ü Basic outright sale ü Basic loan
Consumables, Rotables or Chemicals can be sourced from our suppliers or sold directly from our own inventory. We provide the top quality of overhaul and repairs on a wide range of aircraft parts through a tier-one repair station. We provide serviceable part with dual release certification EASA&FAA. Also, all parts will be released with warranty based on period or flight hours&cycles.
ST Aviation Aps has the honor of working directly with many manufacturers to obtain the best pricing and maintenance on all available parts and also as partner with major OEMs


We have a full range of oils and greases to help your business operate more efficiently. From gear, hydraulic and compressor oils to greases, food safe lubricants and energy efficient lubricants, we supply all the products you need.
ST Aviation a wide range of fully synthetic products, using Mobil’s and Shell technology. These products are great solutions for multiple industrial applications and many come with energy saving benefits and decreased oil drain/maintenance intervals, saving you money across your operation

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